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JUPITER : Abundance Magick Astrology workshop

75 min deep dive Astrology workshop with Intuitive Astrologer, Oath Oracle.

Understand your natal Jupiter placement in order to tap into your natural abundance codes.

Learn how Jupiter expresses in all 12 Zodiac signs & house placements.

By leveraging your Jupiter placement, you invite a steady flow of abundance, good fortune & expansion in your life!

Yes please! I want instant access.
Oath's intuitive accuracy absolutely floored me. It changed my perspective on my business, my life, my work, my attitude towards love, and most importantly, she confirmed, unlocked and revealed a lot of things to me that I had previously been searching for and blinded to in my own practice.  
My gratitude to you is unquantifiable. Thank you SO MUCH for being in your Divine purpose."
 - Jasper Haeward of Jasper Haeward Digital Media







This is a sliding scale pricing model.

ALL options receive the same instant access to the Jupiter Abundance workshop.

Inclusivity is an important pillar of my work.  Please choose the option that best suits you.  

Prices are in USD.

Your guide, Oath Oracle

Committed to Purpose, Vision & Authenticity. 

I help ambitious creatives transform self-doubt + past trauma to step into their Voice, Power & Magnetism.

My own profound healing journey led to my penetrating understanding of the language of Astrology.  I saved my own life a thousand times through deeply understanding myself, my highest potential, and the purpose behind even my darkest experiences.  

I am a conscious creator.   A woman of colour.  A world traveller.  A thriving entrepreneur.  

I am now here to offer the keys to my transformation & purpose work to others on their sacred path.