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Mystic Magnetism

 Create heaven on earth from the depths of your authentic power.

Manifestation for soul-led entrepreneurs.

Program Body + Mind + Energetic field with the codes of your heaven on earth.

This is an invitation to DEEPEN into all you already are, and all you came here to be.

This magnetic power gets to serve YOU… calling in wealth & opportunity while you sleep, travel the world, and sink into luscious practices throughout the day.



6 modules - pre-recorded calls

6 practices - 1 for each week

1 daily practice that you get instant access to!

Lifetime access



Module 1 : Death
☠️ the ongoing process of release & shedding what does not align with your highest vision. Rebirth requires the death of old ways, choices, paradigms, beliefs.

Module 2 : Command
👑 Your commands are heard by spirit. We command not just with words but with our choices, body, energy, emotional states. Boundaries and standards.

Module 3 : Honour
🌹 Honour begins with the self. Are you honouring your truth? The wisdom of your body? Your prices? Your true desires in life and business?

Module 4 : Rise
🦋 As you release what does not align with your highest success timeline, and command new standards in life while honouring the truth of You… space is created for your expansion. It’s time to Rise into your full power.

Module 5 : Vessel
❤️‍🔥 With renewed clarity and energetic potency… you are ready to become the Vessel of your purpose work in this world. So full and charged up with your own true essence, you become the magnet that matches to your true soul desires.

Module 6 : RECEIVE
💞 Spirit desires to co-create your wildest dreams with you. Your desires have chosen you for their manifestation. Through who you are being, the aligned actions & intuitive hits will drop in. Are you open to receive the roadmap? Are you ready to receive all that your soul desires?



$2222 USD PIF

$741 USD per month / 3 months

$375 USD per month / 6 months

*This is included in The Program Vault within The Temple, along with The Star Stream, upcoming masterclasses and programs, and so much more.

This program can act as a credit. If you love the experience and want to be a part of the full immersive year, you have 30 days from purchase to apply your investment to The Temple!





If this feels like a Yes for you, it would be a deep honour for me to welcome you inside Mystic Magnetism 💎💸✨.

Lots of love,

What People Are Saying:

I came into Mystic Magnetism feeling a bit lost and run down from my business. I learned so much about how to let things die off that no longer serve me, the importance of daily energetic hygiene, how to TRULY honor myself and my body along with allowing myself to receive the goodness my life and business brings in. It’s hard to put that into words, it’s LIFE changing. Ayesha is a true gift, and I’ll forever be grateful for her and the containers she provides to help others thrive and step into their most abundant selves 🌺✨ Leah

WOW, it has been such a privilege to have been a part of the most amazing container. Thank you so very much, I am beyond grateful to you. I absolutely adore your energy, your vibe, your teachings. The passion and immense level of detail that you infuse in every single teaching that you share. The time you take to acknowledge every single person and always make them seen, heard and supported by answering questions. I have learnt so much through this truly magical and divine experience because of the simplicity in the way you deliver the sessions with actionable and most of all doable steps not something that feels like a chores. You have given me even more confidence and courage to be bold, to share my message in my work and to take the next steps in my business to be a vessel to receive all the abundance. There are so many golden and juicy nuggets that I can apply to everyday life that have actually given me a new lease of life. Connecting with my body is not something that I have done before nor was I aware about how truly empowering it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With so much love and deep gratitude. - Zakia