Saturn in Pisces Masterclass

A 2.75 hour pre-recorded masterclass and Q&A

 Receive guidance on:

  • The power of Saturn
  • Saturn’s impact in the previous cycle thru Aquarius
  • Saturn in Pisces for the collective
  • Saturn in Pisces for those having their Saturn return 
  • Saturn in Pisces through the houses of your birth chart 

Saturn’s 2.5 year journey through revolutionary Aquarius is coming to an end.

From March 7, 2023 through May 24, 2025, (and then from August 31, 2025 til Feb 13, 2026 due to retrograde cycle) Saturn is bringing karmic reckoning to the sign of Pisces… a sign that rules completion, surrender, and mysticism.

This will create ripples of impact for the entire collective as we awaken to our true spiritual natures and our power to influence the world of form through frequency and emotion.

For those experiencing their Saturn return, this is a life changing rite of passage into true adulthood.  Saturn will call you to step up to anything you have been avoiding.  Saturn will demand you to face some of the hardest lessons of your life.  Saturn will be your hardass teacher that doesn’t allow loopholes or avoidance.

This may sound scary but it is in fact one of the most sacred rites of passage in our lives.  This experience is divinely ordained in order to forge you into the version of yourself that is ready for your fullest expression, highest aspirations, and deepest Destiny.

This is what we truly want, beyond and beneath short term gratification of avoiding hard work.

🪐 This is for you IF:

You desire to learn how to work with Saturn for your greatest success and evolution in the upcoming cycle

You are having your Saturn return with natal Saturn in Pisces (this is not ONLY for those with Saturn in Pisces but is extra important for you and I will share tips on how to slay in your Saturn return the exact themes you will be asked to work on)

You are Saturnian, meaning you have a significant Saturn placement. You could have a stellium in Capricorn or Aquarius, be Capricorn or Aquarius rising, have those signs as your North Node, or have very significant aspects to your Saturn

This class will serve EVERYONE as I will teach you the exact themes Saturn will be asking you to step up to in this next cycle

But for those with these significant placements or Saturn return, this is a MUST!

🪐 Remember, Saturn always rewards your sacred work.


Note: To receive the greatest depth of learning, you will need your time of birth.

Dates of Saturn in Pisces : 

  • Mar 23, 1964, to Sep 16, 1964

  • Dec 16, 1964, to Mar  3, 1967

  • May 21, 1993, to Jun 30, 1993

  • Jan 28, 1994, to Apr  7, 1996

  • Mar  7, 2023, to May 24, 2025

  • Sep  1, 2025, to Feb 13, 2026

(If you were born during these periods of time you most likely have Saturn in Pisces, but if you were born on a day that it retrograded into another sign then that may not be the case.  Make sure to check your birth chart, you can do so on

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